Call for participants - 12 healthy women & 12 healthy men

In the framework of the CAROPROT project, the NutriHealth Group is looking for 24 healthy volunteers between the ages of 20 and 50. The study is taking place at the Luxembourg Institute of Health in Strassen. 

What should participants do?


Regular participation

• For a period of 4 weeks, the participants have to follow a diet low in colorful fruits and vegetables.

• 3 visits are organised at the Clinical & Epidemiological Investigation Center (CIEC) in Strassen.
  Each visit will last approximately 11 hours. During these 3 visits:

> you will receive a breakfast rich in carotenoids (tomato and carrot juice),

> several blood samples will be taken at different times of the day to measure the absorption of carotenoids.

Optional participation

• If you agree, a collection of  faecal samples will be carried out:

> a smaller sample to characterize the microbiota

> a complete faecal collection to analyse the metabolites of carotenoids.


Participants will be paid between 300€ and 400€ depending on the involvement in the study.

Discover the benefits of carotenoids on body and health! your